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Ordered one of the Shark Rocket Complete packages that i had heard of on TV. I ordered it Dec 17th because it was a lot cheaper than the store.

The online site said there was still 2 days to go before it wouldnt make it for Christmas, so i was happy. The Thursday before Christmas it still had not arrived, so i checked the shipping info. It said that the shipping info had been created and sent to FedEX, but nothing else. SO i called them.

No one knew where it was. They kept saying it was shipped. I asked to talk to a manager. Well..

no one was available and they stated someone would call me back in a couple hours. Well, no call back. I called Friday demanding to talk to a manager as tomorrow was Christams Eve. Was told no one was available and they would call me back.

No one called. I called Christmas Eve trying to figure out what had happened. No one knew and of course no one was available to talk. I was out of luck.

How embarrassing i had to print out a picture of the vacuum and wrap it up. Once Christmas was over and went back to work i contacted Shark again. I even called the Corporate office in Canada. All i got was no one was available and they would call me back.

Finally the Thursday after Christmas someone called me back. She told me she had called on Monday, but i had missed the call as i didnt have my cell with me while relaxing for the day. She continued to say that the package had been lost somehow. I said thats a lie, it never left.

She then told me that because a tracking # had been issued that the package had left because FedEX gives them the tracking info when they pickup. I then called FedEx while she was on the phone and confirmed that Shark creates and sends tracking info to FedEx before the packages even leave. So i right out called her a liar. She at that point stated she was sending out another vacuum and that if the first one showed up i would need to have one returned.

I said dont worry, the original wouldnt be showing up as it never got shipped. I said ok, hung up, then called them back stating i wanted it overnighted for all the grief they had caused. Well the lady stated they didnt have the ability to do that at which point i stated that they were a bunch of monkeys and that this was the worst customer experience i ever had. Here it is now the Friday after New Years, over a week since they sent it out, and its still not here.

Tracking info from FedEx does state its out for delivery. We'll see what shows up.

Oh, and it says one of the pieces that i was supposed to get is on BackOrder. Attached are screenshots of the original order,the shipping confirmation,the subsequent order,& that shipping confirmation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sharkninja Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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